Don’t scrap it, wrap it! Vinyl wrapping, Vinyl wraps

Using the most reputable and accredited brands such as CoverStyl’ and 3M dinoc, these self-adhesive films are designed to realistically recreate the look and feel of expensive natural materials, such a Marble, Wood, Stone, Fabric and even Glitter!

These incredibly high-quality hyper-realistic finishes and textures is a perfect solution to apply a finish where sometimes it may to be too difficult or costly to fit the real thing.

This array of decorative films is a sustainable alternative for achieving traditional materials finishes.

We bring new life to interior surfaces such as Fireplaces, doors, bars, offices and bedroom furniture, kitchen units, worktops, splashbacks, dining tables and feature walls.

With over 1000 eye-catching, highly authentic recreations of natural textures you are spoilt for choice.

These films are 250+ microns in thickness, comparing to standard films at approx. 75 microns. Being over 3 times the thickness this is the go-to material for any interior wrapping project. The thicker the vinyl the more robust and durable the wrap will be. These films are fire tested, UV resistant, CE marked, and IMO approved for peace of mind.  It is also moisture and heat resistant allowing it to be suitable for applications in washrooms and food environments.

Refurbishment can be done with little downtime meaning no wholesale closure or loss of revenue. There is minimal noise, and most surfaces can be wrapped in situ, meaning less mess and disruption overall.

Lower costs and faster installation times against full rip out and re fits, provides the opportunity to refresh interiors more often. Keeping up with new trends maintains interest and can attract new customers. Redesigning spaces provides the opportunity to continuously stand out aesthetically from competitors.

Wrapping offers a long-term solution, reusing and recycling furniture rather than disposing of it. Upcycling existing fixtures and fittings to create less landfill. Over the years this is something we strive to encourage to our clients and staff. Not only is this better for the environment this also saves our clients a lot of money comparing to full re fit which most of time forces businesses to close until works are complete. These films are a lot easier to clean comparing to most natural materials that would normally require a specialist to maintain, ideal for kitchen wraps.

Kitchen Wraps