Flex face signs, Flexface signage, Flex face lightbox


Flex face signs are an industry standard option for large format external and internal sign applications.

Available in illuminated and non-illuminated options, Flex face signs consist of a lightweight aluminium box – usually powder coated and a flexible PVC ‘skin’ or face that is tensioned around the edges of the box to give a seamless finish.

The PVC banner – known as the “skin” is specifically printed for backlit applications to allow for the LEDs to illuminate the banner graphic from edge to edge. We can also print triple layer ink on locations where you don’t want illuminated, for example see the Wurth Flex face in the image below.

Flex face sign systems were developed for several reasons;

  • The maximum sheet size in most rigid board materials is 3m x 2m. This means that any sign over this size would have unsightly joins which lets the overall look of the sign down.
  • The PVC skins can be printed at a maximum width of 5m by any length which means our flex face signs do not need a joint on the face leaving this with a very flawless high-end finish for such a large sign.
  • Flex face sign and sign boxes are available in several different profiles and sizes including single- and double-sided options.
  • As well as manufacturing rectangular shapes, we also supply flex face signs in various shapes and sizes.
  • When it comes to a rebrand or simply a freshen up, all that’s required is a replacement skin and not the whole sign itself meaning a very good cost-effective option for your sign to look as sharp as it was when it was first installed.
  • The aluminium box framework can be painted any colour to compliment the printed skin to really finish off the sign.