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When we think about interior design, the signage industry is certainly not the first thing to pop into our heads but as we search for new ways to personalize our living spaces, bespoke design solutions are exactly what we crave. Gone are the days of following the rule book when it comes to styling our homes, anything goes now and our homes have become an extension of our personalities – in a world of social media and pinterest we want them to be constantly evolving and Instagram worthy.

So what can the signage industry offer the budding interior design master?

We’ve discussed in previous blogs the incredible transformative powers of wrapping vinyl, from full kitchens to doors, fireplaces and furniture, upcycling is the ultimate money saving hack that can change the feel of a space in a matter of hours. With the exceptional developments in architectural vinyls tactile finishes this is no longer about creating a PVC palace of high shine plastic wrap, it feels as real as it looks.

When it comes to wallpapering repeat pattern drops are not the only option, our Raffa wallpaper comes in a single piece custom printed to the size of your wall, this not only means no more unsightly joins and lifting edges but the power to transform your childs bedroom into a football stadium or jungle full of different animals. With the range of stock photography now on offer your imagination really is the only limiting factor.

There was a time that complex wooden wall paneling was a job for the experts but with our CNC machine we can cut your design into panels of MDF for a super quick and easy installation, adding a touch of luxury to any room.

We all remember the fleur de lis, flexi plastic, stock stencils used by every home decorator in the 90s to daub bubbly paint onto the bedroom wall, I know we’re all grateful that this was a short lived craze but for those still looking for a painted design our self adhesive low tac paint masks are the ideal solution, custom designed and cut to millimeter precision on our vinyl plotter, they stick straight onto the wall so you no longer need dance your painty fingers around the roller.

Printed vinyl transfers are a great solution for a family with growing children who have ever changing interests, simply peel off paw patrol and put up spiderman! These vinyl transfers make great seasonal décor, use them on your windows at Christmas and save the pain of scraping off spray on snow come January.

Photos and artwork don’t need to be displayed in frames any more, we can print on to a range of different materials, from lightweight foamex with a flawless satin finish floating off the wall on stand off locators to high gloss acrylic prints, and our FSC certified Russian birch plywood is a huge favourite amongst our staff, adding a new depth to the image with the wood grain subtly showing through the print.

Need a bit of privacy? Replacing your windows can be costly, but a quick application of frosted vinyl will keep out the gaze of nosey neighbors while still letting in plenty light. It can be a bit of a nightmare to regulate the temperature in your conservatory so we can install solar and UV films to reduce heat build-up on a hot day, whilst preventing heat escaping on a cold day all while protecting you from harmful UV rays.


Neon has made a huge come back in the last few years but the new generations are considerably more environmentally conscious and with ever rising energy costs we are all grateful for the technological advanced of LED flex neon to keep the bills down! There is so much scope for imagination at the design stage and while these are brighter than the old school glass neon we are now blessed with dimmer switches, turning a party piece into a much more suitable night light at bed time. Glass neon was renowned for being fragile, hard to transport and install but this modern take simply hangs on the wall like a picture and plugs in to the nearest socket. Neon is not only for classic signage, we use this flexible cord of light to create hidden back lighting, cove lighting and underlighting to give an ambient glow to any space. 

There really are unlimited applications for signage products within the home, so if you have an great idea you’d love to bring to life get in touch with our design team today.