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What is neon flex and its advantages?

LED Neon Flex is a great lighting solution which comes as a flexible tube which can be shaped and bent into any place to suit most fonts, designs and logos. Creating eye catching, personalized neon signs to draw to attention to your business to stand out from the rest. It can be used for many commercial or residential projects. It can be adjusted so that you can use your lighting to display more than one colour mixing the many colour options on offer on the one sign, which expands the number of applications you can use it for.

Providing a more cost and energy efficient way to represent your brand colours, LED neon signage is this perfect and affordable option for any lighting projects.

How is it made?

Typically for signs, it is glued onto a clear acrylic panel. Where each section or letter need cut and joined, the wiring is soldered into place and small cap piece is glued on to hide the connections.

It can also be made into a full acrylic box, where all the wiring and transformers are housed in the boxed at the box. A vinyl strip in any colour or design is applied on the face and returns of the box to hide this. This is a great option if where the signs being fitted has limited access to hide cables and store the transformers. This also is a great way to replicate the look of the old traditional glass neon signs.  

It can also be used on a folded tray sign tray to create small illuminated lettering or logos, where it would be too small and intricate to achieve from 3D metal, built up letters.

Light up your home!

LED neon flex can be used in so many ways to create bespoke décor to your home.

It can be used in dropped ceilings to create a beautiful, flawless bead of light around  a room, illuminated paneling and feature tv walls, inside and on top of wardrobes, kitchen units, underneath worktops, kickplates and so much more!

This is a great option to create a different vibe and ambient lighting to each room.

We can provide dimmable controllers, which is a great option for controlled lighting to set the mood for each room.

With LED neon flex being super bright, it can be used as main lighting, or you can tone it right down to use as a subtle illumination at night.

Other Benefits!

LED neon flex is far more eco-friendly than the traditional glass neon. It stays cool to touch and it is suitable for any environment. LED neon is low voltage and very cheap to run, especially compared with glass neon.

Contact us now for any neon signage or neon lighting requirements that you may have and our fast, friendly expert team are here to help you!