Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signage is the answer to brand visibility throughout the year in the UK. An illuminated signs are seen up to 100 times more in a day than a non-illuminated sign, which is even more important here in the UK with our long, dark winters. There’s no room for blending in when it comes to signage so make sure your brand stands out from the crowd, making sure you win more business!

LED lighting is super energy efficient so you can enjoy seeing your name in lights while knowing you are doing your bit to protect the environment. Using timers on your sign will enable you to light up your business outside working hours, capturing the attention of thousands of potential customers throughout rush hour when footfall and traffic are at their peak then turn itself off or dim to reduce light pollution through the night.

From years of research and testing we can assure you that our LED modules are the brightest available on the market so even on a busy street your signage will capture the attention of all passers by. We have even developed a range of specifications to best suit the location of a sign such that even a sign competing with internal lighting will still pack a visual punch.

Neon signs have once again risen in popularity in the last few years, and while we have a huge amount of experience in creating traditional glass blown neon signs we very much promote our own LED flex neon to our customers these days. LED neon is a much more sustainable product no longer relying on rare noble gases to create the light, we are now able to utilise highly energy efficient LED modules. These beautiful signs are much less fragile so easier to transport and install yourself. Although we do still offer an installation service and our team are regularly installing neon signs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, London and throughout the UK.

We are industry experts in illumination and will help guide you through every available option. We are confident that we will meet your budget and exceed your expectations so please get in touch today to arrange a site visit from one of our talented project managers!