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Polycril canvas or, as it’s better known, Raffa canvas printed wallpaper, is an excellent solution for any custom wallpaper, from boardrooms to bedroom walls. It has same appearance and texture of regular wallpaper, but it allows for high quality images to printed as high as 3.12 m to whatever length is required. This means that you can cover most walls in a single drop. On top of that, there are no pesky joins that may spoil the image. Almost all designs can be printed in one piece, this negates colour inconsistencies that occurs when using tiled wallpaper to ensure your bespoke wallpaper has the highest quality finish!

Rafa canvas is a 100% block out material – which means it can be installed over any existing graphics without anything showing through. Saving the time that comes with cumbersome, and often costly refits. The product boasts a soft matt canvas finish, which is non reflective. Its surface is slightly textured, which adds to the high-quality feel of the product, and looks impressive over a large surface area. The paper weight of the product is 330gsm, adding a quality finish to the product, and is black backed.

Being a PVC free material, Rafa canvas wallpaper is completely 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. A great option for those that are looking to transition to more sustainable graphic solutions. Other benefits of this product is its B1 Fire rating – Which put it firmly in the ‘low flammability’ category.

Rafa printed wallpaper is an excellent solution for most businesses and looks good in almost any situation. Graphic images can be placed almost anywhere including, but not limited to office spaces, restaurants, retail outlets and even the home. The graphic is installed using a strong wallpaper paste, and because of fewer joins, it means there is less damage to the edges of the product. The outcome? A high-quality product that stays looking it’s best for longer.

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