3D Free-Standing Letters

We specialise in 3D freestanding letters. From huge external letters to mark a city, village, festival or headquarters to beautiful, internal free-standing letters for a wedding, special day, exhibition or business event! These letters can be non-illuminated or fully lit up which we can do in several different ways such as fancy cabochon, fairground style LED bulbs with a beautiful sparkle or a big, bright, bold fully illuminated face and these are just a few of the options that we can provide you. Get in touch with our friendly, expert team of highly skilled, graphic designers and project managers who are here to help you bring your idea to life!

What are 3D free standing letters?

3D free standing letters are constructed from a range of  flat rigid materials, cut, folded and joined to create a hollow letter form. These are then secured to a base plate for a stable, moveable option or fitted to a concrete cage structure underground for a super safe an permanent option. There are then a range of options to choose from that can enhance the letter form; illumination in a range of colours (halo, side, face, cabochon, up lighting), combinations of materials and finishes (chrome or brushed metallic, acrylic, matte or gloss vinyl lamination etc). There is no size limit to these letters however specification options may be dictated by the letter size.