CNC Routing

We have the very best CNC routing technology available, and coupled with our highly skilled CNC operators we can machine to any of your requirements. Alongside our highly skilled graphic designers we can complete any bespoke project you need CNC routed.

We stock a huge tool selection for working with wood, acrylic, metal and plastics so are capable of machining large volumes rapidly! Check out our CNC machine on our technology page here. Our semi-automated CNC has a built-in camera recognition system, 7 tool auto changer and comes complete with oscillating and tangential knife systems that work alongside the router itself.

We are confident we can produce any of your CNC profiling requirements from one-off items to large volumes. Contact one of our helpful friendly team today.

What is CNC routing?

A CNC is a computer controlled cutting machine working on the x, y & z axis for 3D motion control allowing a variety of cutting tools to move across a flat sheet of material at various depths. This technology allows us to cut complex designs across a range of material allowing different components to fit together seamlessly.