Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes or tex flex signs are the high-end sister of flex faces, using a beautiful fabric textile face, they have been designed to add a touch of luxury with a warm, rich finish. These signs are designed for internal use and can be made up to 50m long x 3m high but they can also be made much smaller.

These smaller designs are a huge hit in the retail industry as they have a keder silicone edge, quick fit seal so that anyone can change the signage face in under 2 minutes. This saves retailers time and money as we can post out a new fabric face and you or your team can quickly and easily change the face of your sign. Many clients change these monthly to display a new advertising message, this keeps displays fresh and generates new business!

Fabric light boxes or tex flex signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated but they are all a super slim profile to make the most of your floor space.