Raffa Printed Wallpapers

Raffa digitally printed wallpaper is our number one choice for printed wallpaper!

A PVC free material, it is 100% recyclable and incredibly durable, 240gsm textured, polyester textile that is extremely cost effective which makes it a favourite of our customers!

Raffa wallpaper is printed in one section so there are no joins, guaranteeing you the best possible finish! The exceptional print quality paired with rich and vibrant colours ensure your new wallpaper is absolutely stunning! It is fire rated to BS1-DO certification and we can provide a full specification sheet on request.

Raffa wallpaper is pasted on to the wall just like normal wallpaper but in one piece with no unsightly joins. Our installation teams are experts at fitting these graphics, so no matter your requirements, get in touch and our friendly in-house team will help you.