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As a Designer, I find the most rewarding projects are with repeat clients. Building a strong relationship with our clients is integral to our ethos and ultimately yields the best results for everyone involved. It gives me the platform to be upfront and honest, creating an open discussion about what can be achieved within budget and timescale and allowing myself to have a great degree of creative input. We have helped even some of our largest customers evolve their visual identity, suggesting design alterations, different signage specification to better suit the context, and improved installation methods to help everyone on site. Never underestimate how much of an impact a change of font or a change in colour shade can have.

Whether it be an agency that works with brand activation across a range of products, or a single company name, having a single point of contact for our clients to reach us, and for us to reach them, is important to us.

The Projects team and Design team will always keep the same Manager and Designer on the same client through different projects to ensure that we work with our collective knowledge of the brand and the people behind it, to better streamline the design and production process. We, where possible, will keep the same installation teams together for a specific brand for the very same reason.

We are brand application experts. We take the time to ensure all aspects of brand guidelines are followed, right down to colour samples for each project to check that the printer temperature and ink levels of our printers are not affecting the final outcome.

With our more bespoke projects, working with local business, we retain the exact same principles. Our projects team will conduct a site survey, getting to grips with the client’s requirements, making suggestions and getting to know the people and the business.

We always take the time to sit down and work through an initial proposal as a team, making sure none of the information received on survey gets lost in translation.

As much as the large-scale projects can be rewarding, the smaller ones can often be incredibly enjoyable. When a principal budget and scale are established, I get to have a play around. After meeting with the Project team to ensure we have everything the client needs, they very much hand the styling decisions over.

More often than not, local businesses will have a logo and a little bit of information they need to pass to their customers, but the rest is up to us to help convey the tone they hope to strike. This means the creation of secondary brand assets, copy, colour palettes, material mixes and the most impactful specification achievable. Even if the client passes on a logo which is not suitable for large scale print and manufacture, we will recreate it for them in the correct digital formats and hand it back, allowing them to use it for anything from printed menu’s to uniform embroidery.

We do what we can every time to help where we can to promote their brand. Starting a small business isn’t easy, and we want to make sure that they stand out.

The bottom line is that your brand is our business. Without it, we wouldn’t be designing and making, learning and trying new things, feeling the satisfaction of passing through town and saying “I made that”. Without it, we wouldn’t be doing what we enjoy.