Sign Trays, Folded Sign Trays, ACM Sign Tray, Sign Tray

In its simplest terms, a folded sign tray is a 5 sided, open back slim box made from folding a sheet of material then fixing the corners in place. The main surface of the box can then be used as the basis for a number of different specification options.

Using a folded tray has a number of advantages. Firstly, it gives the signage a degree of projection from the building face providing a natural framework to your brand graphic. It provides a smooth surface on which to display any messages, and provides a clean, elegant and cost effective solution for hiding any wiring and LED drivers if there are any illuminated aspects in the signage. Lastly, it can aid in hiding any flaws in the existing fascia which it is covering (lumps and bumps, faded/chipped paint patches).

At Specialized Signs, we use Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) for the vast majority of our folded sign trays. ACM is a panel material made of two thin layers of aluminium, with a rigid black foam core. One of the major advantages of using ACM as our standard material for folded trays is that its very lightweight for the strength it achieves when folded. The folds achieved with our CNC router and internal reinforcement methods provides exceptionally crisp corners for a flawless finish.

We can finish the folded ACM sign tray in a variety of different ways:

  • Stock ACM colours (black, white, blue, red, green to name a few).
  • Direct to substrate print (DTS): printing directly on the show face of the ACM panel. Achieved with our HP1000 flatbed printer.
  • Stock vinyl floods: applying full single colour vinyl to the show face of the ACM panel.
  • Printed vinyl flood/print and cut application: either applying a full print vinyl graphic to the show face (e.g. gradient pattern) or printed vinyl, cut to shape then applied (lettering/icons – mainly used to create contrast in laminated finish i.e. panel matte and lettering/logos gloss)

ACM is excellent for creating illuminated signage as the material property creates a very sharp finish when cut. This clean cut creates a tight fit between the ACM panel and fret cut/push through detail, negating light spillage to create a high contrast between panel and illuminated elements.

The material is also strong enough to allow for the mounting of flat cut or built up lettering/icons. Using a folded tray gives us the option to allow the placement of any additional element in the controlled condition of our workshop for a precise finish.