The importance of signage to a business.

Why is signage important to your business?

  • Identity: Signage can help your business stand out from the rest.
  • Branding: creates a visible and consistent image that establishes a presence.
  • Exposure: Displays your business name and contributes to the brand development.
  • Signage can reflect a business’s quality, authority and experience and can either attract customers or turn them away.

Signage is a cost effective marketing tool.

Signage can be a cost-effective form of marketing & advertising. The relatively small investment you make in your signage can give you 24/7 advertising with no further costs.

It is important for your business to be noticed quickly in order to grow. Signage is an instant, cost-effective and lasting form of advertising for your business within your local area.

Brand awareness.

Good brand awareness is vital for the development of any business. How you promote your business will determine how consumers interact with you. signage should be your primary communication tool to give your business the exposure it deserves helping convey the right message to the right people at the right time. Also allowing you to draw attention to promotions, important information and directions.

Competitive edge & increased sales.

Signage can help give you the competitive advantage you need to stand out properly. Weather it’s a storefront sign or vehicle branding you can attract customers from a distance and can make the difference between a passer-by or a customer. An eye-catching sign that stands out in your local area makes you more likely to attract business compared to one without & gives you the edge.

We all buy things we haven’t planned to purchase and can be influenced by offers and promotions online and instore – a well place and attractive sign can make all the difference. A simple “Don’t Forget”, “Limited Time Offer”, “Exclusive Promotion”, Ending Soon” can lead to someone being more likely to purchase on impulse. 


Signage can help communicate to customers various information, but signs do a lot more than just inform. They can be used to:

  • Celebrate – goals and objectives, birthdays, sales increases, anniversaries.
  • Motivate – positive feedback, good news stories, employee benefits, discounts.
  • Inform – health and safety reminders, rules, reminders, opening hours, sales, exclusive deals.
  • Advise – policies, rules and regulations, local information.
  • Reinforce – company aims and objectives, vision, values.
  • Promote – exclusive deals, sales, new stores opening.
  • Direct – directions inside a building, to a new store, exterior around a local area.

Final Thought:

Whatever the project – we always do our best to make sure the customer gets what they want and at a competitive price. Using the combined expertise of every department. There is no doubt that signage can be a huge part of your business and can elevate your business to another level, helping you stand out from the rest.

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