Totem sign, Monolith signs, Totem signage, Monolith signage

What exactly are totem signs and monolith signs? These tend to be large freestanding signs that can be seen from a distance for maximum visual impact. They’re great for promoting your brand and providing bold visibility.

Within the retail sector especially, totem signage is an extremely effective method of drawing customers in and advertising your business successfully. Whether you’re thinking about utilising monolith signage for internal or external use, the benefits are vast – we’ve outlined just a few of these below. These types of signs come in various shapes and sizes. They can be double sided, illuminated, and non-illuminated!

  1. Make the most of your location

Some locations require a clever use of signage, especially if you’re situated on a retail or business park with other companies vying for attention. Having impressive and even imposing totem signage gives you an edge, pushing your brand in front of the right people or even directing them away from their intended destination.

If your business is located on a busy road or hard to see, totem signage provides potential customers with a reminder that your company is there – and not to be forgotten about.

2. Brand awareness

If your monolith signage is imposing and memorable enough, brand awareness comes as a natural benefit to your business. No matter what your industry or brand- having a stand-out monlith sign promoting your company will provide you with ongoing brand awareness.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate yourself from other brands on the high street- Some industries are stuck in their ways with the same signage repeatedly – having a unique signage feature like a totem sign that’s more than just a standard fascia sign- it is the perfect way to get your brand out there and make a statement.

Totem signage allows you to create a unique feature, with height and a bold, striking message – we’re here!!!

4. Wayfinding benefits

Accessibility is important for all types of businesses and totem signage provides your customers and clients with effective wayfinding signs and directional information. Every brand required directional and way finding signs.

5. Internal and external uses

Totem signage isn’t just for that initial impact for outside. It can be effectively used for both external and internal needs. There are various ways to create smart sleek looking way finding totems inside businesses to guide people to their destination, such as this Stack and Still food court signage.

Did you know……

Specialized signs also carry out the ground works required for all totems which include cat scanning, excavation, setting of root cages and concrete pour. We also install Ducting within the ground works ready for the main contractor to put in the power supply. With offering a full turnkey service on totems supplied and fitted, this makes the whole process for our client’s stress and hassle free. Please get in touch for any more information if you require a Totem sign or Monolith sign. We have shared with you some photos of signs completed over the past couple of years.