Avengers Signage and Vehicle Wraps Edinburgh

A couple of months ago my day started out like any other day does for a project manager, an email popped in to my in box. An enquiry for some illuminated curved face takeaway menu cases. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary about that, I thought. I specified the product, sent the cost, which was accepted and the job put into production.

Very soon after this I received another request from the same client; they were looking for some built up halo lit letters with brushed and polished stainless steel returns, again nothing unusual about this. I contacted the client for more information, and that is when it all became clear what the project was. “We are doing a little filming in Edinburgh, and need some signage to dress the sets” she said! The penny then dropped and I realised what the “little” filming was. Not every day you get involved with a project that is going to have a global audience. We finalised the specification and finishes for the letters and these were put into production. There was a specific deadline for delivery with these, due to the tight filming schedule. We managed to meet this deadline, in fact we delivered them early – our own super heroes swung in to action!

By this time the client was in Edinburgh and requested a visit to our premises to meet us and have a look at our production set up. They popped in and met our own team of special people, they realised that there were other items we could assist with. They explained that there would be many requests to come and warned us that there would be very tight delivery times – “are you up for it?” she asked, “bring it on” I said! And so it began.

We had produced some café barriers, black posts with printed banners. All supplied within 5 days of getting the artwork. The client called me asking for another set exactly the same, “why?” I asked. “Oh, the original ones are being blown up” she said “but we need them replaced”. No problem, when do you need them, “the day after tomorrow, is that OK”? The banners were printed, hemmed, stitched and delivered all in good time.

In the last week there have been daily requests for printed posters, foamex panels with prints, cut vinyl graphics amongst other things. We even supplied some silver vinyl for wrapping table legs?! Most of these items were made and collected the same day.

Then it was time for our crack installation team to get involved. Cockburn Street was one of the locations. We were asked to do some cover up work on one shop and some branding on another, installing large printed vinyl graphics to windows and fascia’s. Once the shooting was complete we returned to set and undertook the reinstatement work returning the shop to what it looked like originally.

This was an exciting project for us to be involved in and it was particularly satisfying to see our work in all of the National Newspapers and the TV coverage. The fact that for the client, we are a one stop shop covering all aspects of signage took the stress out of their procurement. All of us at Specialized signs have enjoyed our involvement with the project and look forward to the film release. This project worked so well for us and the client, we worked as a team, through project management, design, manufacture, assembly, installation and not to forget admin and accounts. You will agree that this is a pretty special client and quite a high profile project. We have the same value for all of our clients and the same quality of product and service regardless of the project size.